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SupaTouch technology

Automatic on-machine measurement cycle optimisation.

Reduced cycle time.

Maximised productivity.

Improved metrology.

Automatic optimisation.

About SupaTouch technology

SupaTouch technology is embedded within the latest versions of Inspection Plus software offering significant improvements to the speed and metrology of component inspection cycles.

An optimisation routine – run as part of the probe calibration process – allows the software to make intelligent, in‑process decisions, such as on‑the‑fly selection of one‑touch or two‑touch probing routines and automatic calculation of the fastest possible measuring and positioning feedrates.

SupaTouch technology delivers minimal cycle times, increased productive machine time and significant improvements to the repeatability and reliability of all measurements taken. All of which impact positively on profits.

Features and benefits

  • Automated optimisation process
  • Individual machine optimisation
  • Optimised measurement cycles
  • Improved product quality
  • Enhancement of existing Inspection Plus cycles
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Superior metrology
  • Increased productivity
  • Quick and simple installation wizard

Optimised probe cycles

SupaTouch includes an automatic optimisation capability that ensures measuring routines are optimised to each individual machine tool's measuring capability.

SupaTouch optimised cycles include:

  • Optimal feedrates
  • Automatic on-the-fly selection of probing strategy
  • Optimised probe back-off distance

Improved metrology

SupaTouch technology significantly improves on‑machine metrology.

SupaTouch technology uses:

  • Electronic probe length determination
  • Identification of measurements taken in probe acceleration and deceleration zones
  • A comprehensive ball radius calibration technique

Cycle time optimisation

Metrology integrity