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RMAP multi-axis periscope

Multi-axis periscope enables six degrees of freedom measurements of XY stages

Designed to enable six degrees of freedom measurements within XY stage applications by minimising the beam footprint from multiple interferometers. Utilising three RLD10-X3-DI interferometer heads the multi-axis periscope can accurately measure pitch, yaw and linear position.

With an angular range of ±30 arc seconds, the multi-axis periscope is compatible with most high-performance stages, further optimising their performance. A single mounting face enables the multi-axis periscope to be installed quickly and easily to the vacuum chamber or metrology frame.

Using the RLD10-X3-DI head for angular measurements allows for errors generated from laser frequency variation and environmental changes to be common between the two paths. This improves the accuracy and repeatability compared to angular deviations calculated from two independent beams.

RMAP-3A multi-axis periscope

Features and benefits

  • Compact beam footprint – reduced to 18 mm by 35 mm, to minimise the size and weight of target mirrors.
  • Easy installation – designed to be mounted directly onto the exterior of the vacuum chamber and secured with four bolts.
  • High performance – utilising independent RLD10-X3-DI heads improves accuracy and repeatability over conventional methods.

Product information