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REVO 5-axis measurement system

A REVO® system delivers high performance scanning, non-contact inspection and surface finish analysis on a single CMM.

5-axis multi-sensor measurement system

The REVO system uses synchronised motion and 5-axis measurement technology to minimise the dynamic effects of CMM motion at ultra high measurement speeds.

This is achieved by letting the REVO-2 head do the fast demanding motion while the CMM moves in a linear slow fashion. The use of a flexible tip-sensing probe further adds to the system's accuracy and performance. The removable probe system, used in conjunction with a low cost changer, provides added system flexibility.

Speed, accuracy, agility

As a new installation or an accredited upgrade, the REVO 5-axis measurement system offers:

  • Surface finish measurement and dimensional inspection.
  • 15% to 50% cycle time savings.
  • Maximised throughput, minimised capital investment.

Renishaw offers a range of CMMs optimised for REVO 5-axis multi-sensor measurement.

AGILITY CMMs with 5-axis technology.

AGILITY CMM with REVO-2 and MRS2 rack

New eBook: REVO 5-axis measurement technology

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High-speed measurement

  • Up to 500 mm/sec resulting in increased part throughput
  • Data collection rates up to 4,000 points per second
  • Infinite positioning and 5-axis motion reduces non-productive transitions between features
  • Rapid calibration with all positions inferred means more time measuring

High system accuracy

  • 5-axis scanning minimises CMM motion and the associated dynamic errors
  • Stylus wear minimised by extremely low scanning forces
  • Infinite positioning and five-axis motion aid access to difficult features
  • Tip-sensing further adds to the systems' accuracy and flexibility

Great flexibility

  • Maximum reach up to 800 mm from centre of head rotation
  • Multi-sensor probe and stylus changing capability
  • Renishaw UCCserver software application (based on I++ DME command protocol) provides the interface for REVO-2 control
  • The removable probe system, used in conjunction with a low cost changer, provides added system flexibility

REVO multi-sensor system

Controller system

The 5-axis measurement technology is embedded in Renishaw's UCC S5 CMM controller which forms the basis of the 5-axis measurement system – 3 machine axes plus the 2 rotary axes of the head. Patented technology within the UCC S5 provides unique motion commands, synchronisation and 5-axis metrology capability.

In order to achieve the high scanning speeds it is essential the 5-axis measurement system has a fully integrated control loop. This is achieved using Renishaw's UCC S5 and SPA3 system.

More information about controller systems.

REVO system change rack

REVO-2 changing rack

The REVO system change rack is designed to allow automatic probe and stylus holder changing on a CMM. The primary purpose of the system is to improve flexibility with the ability to use and store longer styli and large star stylus configurations.

For optimum metrology, REVO probes and stylus holders should be changed automatically using REVO change ports (RCP TC-2, RCP TC-3 and RCP2) and a flexible change rack (FCR25). These ports are mounted on the modular rack system MRS2.

More information about RCP TC-2, RCP TC-3 and RCP2.

Faster calibration

REVO calibration on datum ball

Calibration on traditional CMM systems consumes a considerable amount of time that could otherwise be used for part measurement. Using a table mounted sphere, the simple and practical calibration technique for REVO-2 determines the actual head and probe geometry, allowing measurement in any position from a single operation.

Where a CMM is used only for a single or limited number of parts, typically there may be 10 head orientations used. Calibration time for these positions may take around 30 minutes. REVO-2 requires only 20 minutes.

If the CMM is used for multiple parts, typically there may be 40 head orientations, dramatically increasing the time required for calibration to around two hours. Again, REVO-2 requires only 20 minutes.

As the calibration process is repeated on a regular basis, to comply with quality procedures or following a probe crash, these time savings accumulate.

5-axis measurement techniques

Renishaw's 5-axis high-speed, high-accuracy measurement techniques offer a wide range of benefits resulting in significant throughput improvements.

More information about REVO measurement techniques.

Case studies and application notes

Extended warranty

For peace of mind a 3-year warranty is available for your new CMM products during the first 3 months from purchase. Contact your vendor.

Product information

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